Logistics Innovation

Logistop is the benchmark workspace for collective innovation through the carrying out of projects hand in hand with our members. Transforming the complete supply chain into a more efficient and sustainable one.


Taught by experts in the field

Focus sessions

Presentation and discussion of possible projects

Project sessions

Development of identified projects


Analysis and discussion of innovation in the sector

The objective of Logistop is to articulate and carry out innovation projects among the members, without excluding the possibility of collaborating with or receiving support from certain organisations external to Logistop.


Urban Logistics

The optimisation and efficiency of operations, the total transformation of delivery modes, the use of proximity warehouses and the active collaboration between city councils, public and private companies and the use of technology are the main challenges of urban logistics.


Decarbonization can be approached from many interrelated perspectives. Our approach is based on three specific areas: green hydrogen, energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Public Financing

It offers the possibility of providing service and advice to Logistop’s partners in the global management of public incentives at European and national level to finance innovation projects.

Port Logistics

The lines of action that we will address in this working group are the following: seeking efficiency in port-logistics operations, decarbonisation and security, and all areas linked to these main themes.

Digitization and automation

Playing a transversal role with the rest of the areas, we will support current disruptive technologies with the use of, among others, the following: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twins, Big Data and Data Analytics, process automation and robotics, Robotics and collaborative robotics, AMR and AGVs and sensorisation

Circular Economy

The circular economy plays a key role as a vector of ecological transition and a driver of change.

Logistop Events

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Noviembre, 2022