Who are we

Logistop is an intersectorial, multidisciplinary and inter-territorial working space in the field of logistics innovation, made up of top-level companies that are highly committed to our areas of work

 In April 2019 it was consolidated and re-founded as an association after sixteen years of operation as a technology platform and, in addition, it was recognised by the Ministry of Education and Science in November 2005. Our members include all the actors involved in the supply chain, as well as universities, technology centres, associations and specialised consultancy firms, making up the perfect ingredients of potential project promoters.

Through Logistop, research, development and innovation priorities are effectively defined. To this end, a series of events (webinars, focus sessions, project sessions, etc.) are promoted to dynamise, align priorities and needs, as well as to generate knowledge and put it to good use to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the logistics and mobility chain in Spain.

Logistop acts as a driving force in any innovation project that requires its participation and contribution.

The importance of Logistop lies in the important role it plays as:


Being the main meeting point for the identification of projects among our members.


Placing innovation at the centre of our strategy and promoting projects among our members, identifying the appropriate participants and taking into account all the actors in the value chain.

All of this, working to capitalise on the current significant opportunity to access public funding through the development and implementation of collaborative projects.

Logistop is the strategic partner of reference of the European technology platform ALICE in Spain, with which it maintains an active and close collaboration, both in projects and in access to the inside of its association, its members and the trends and projects that are developed at European level. Logistop also currently has important agreements and institutional links in place with leading organisations and other associations in the sector.

Vision, mission and objective


Logistop’s vision is to be the Spanish benchmark for collaborative innovation in logistics.


Logistop’s mission is to impact the current Spanish supply chain by transforming it, through innovation, into a more sustainable and efficient one.


Logistop’s objective in 2021 is to articulate and carry out innovation projects among the members, without excluding the possibility of collaborating with or receiving support from certain organisations outside Logistop.

We are currently in a unique situation with regard to public funding. The European Union has one of its highest budgets in history which, together with national and regional public funding mechanisms, places us in a context of unprecedented opportunity to develop innovation projects between different and through consortia. To achieve this, Logistop is the most suitable channel due to its high advocacy capacity, both institutional and business, among other aspects.

At Logistop we place innovation at the heart of our strategy and work to capitalise on the significant current opportunity to access public funding through the development and implementation of collaborative projects. The reinforcement of the leadership structure of the working groups, together with the recent creation of the Public Funding Working Group, has allowed Logistop to consolidate its impact and relevance in the areas of decarbonisation, circular economy, urban logistics, digital transformation, port logistics, automation and robotics and, the aforementioned, public funding.