Given the important and unprecedented opportunity to access public funding, both at European and national level, in which we find ourselves, in the first half of 2021, from Logistop, an intersectoral, multidisciplinary and inter-territorial working space in the field of logistics innovation, we have carried out several webinars and focus sessions linked to our thematic areas: urban logistics, port logistics, decarbonization, circular economy, public funding and digitization and automation. You can consult the extract of the activities we have carried out in this report.

Logistop is the ideal channel to capitalise on these funding opportunities and to articulate and carry out projects that allow us to access these grants that are already available (or will be available soon).

We hope that this information is of interest to you and that we can contact you as an active part of our association, the main reference for collaborative innovation in the field of logistics in Spain.

For more information, you can contact us by email at