BERGÉ joins Logistop with the aim of contributing to accelerate its implementation in port and urban logistics.

With this incorporation, both entities will collaborate actively through the different working groups, with the aim of achieving a more efficient, digital and sustainable logistics chain.

For BERGÉ, this step is part of its commitment to contribute to making the logistics sector stronger and more competitive and, in turn, to transfer this contribution to Spanish industry as a whole.


BERGÉ is the benchmark operator in logistics services and solutions that integrates the entire supply chain to facilitate the global transport of goods. It is the leader in Spain and has a presence in Mexico and Colombia.

It has a broad operational, technical and human structure, and a portfolio of services ranging from stevedoring, consignment, customs, sea, air and land transport, chartering, freight forwarding, project cargo, regular lines, to warehouse management, procurement and supplies, production support and order management. It offers logistics solutions for various sectors such as agri-food and fertilisers, paper, iron and steel, automotive, e-commerce and distribution.

BERGÉ is part of the Bergé y Compañía business group. A company with more than 150 years of history and the same entrepreneurial spirit with which it was founded. It was founded in 1870 as a stevedore and ship consignee and today has a wide international presence. Bergé y Compañía is a leader in two sectors: mobility (through Astara) and logistics services (Bergé). The group is made up of nearly 4,000 professionals and is present in 19 countries.

About Logistop

At Logistop, a leader in logistics innovation in Spain, we turn our ideas into value and transform the supply chain through innovation, helping industry, companies and society in general to be more efficient and sustainable. Our mission is to transform the supply chain through innovation, helping industry and companies to become more efficient and sustainable. One of Logistop’s main objectives is to promote the need for innovation among companies involved in the logistics sector; to promote innovation projects; and to communicate the real needs of the sector at an institutional level.

Through Logistop, research, development and innovation priorities are effectively defined. To this end, a series of events (Observatory Logistic, LogisTalks, Innovation Lab, focus sessions, Innovation Day, value-adding workshops, etc.) are promoted to dynamise, align priorities and needs, as well as to generate knowledge and put it to good use to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the logistics and mobility chain in Spain.

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