Copitrans, new member of Logistop with the aim of continuing to add value in the field of logistics and transport.

About Copitrans

Copitrans is a company dedicated mainly to inland container transport by road that has specialised in certain value-added traffics (dangerous goods, temperature-controlled goods, etc.). Its essential objective is the search for excellence, to find out what each client needs, and to participate with them in their working methods. They have all types of semi-trailers for any size of container and its goods and are specialists in temperature-controlled cargo and goods included in the ADR agreement, including the Explosives group.

About Logistop

Logistop is a multidisciplinary and inter-territorial working space in the field of logistics innovation made up of top level companies, highly committed to our areas of work with the objective of effectively defining research, development and innovation priorities, as well as articulating and carrying out innovation projects among the members, without excluding the possibility of collaborating with or receiving support from certain organisations external to Logistop.

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