• Is innovation a matter of survival? –
  • Innovation as a differential factor to achieve success stories in the logistics sector.  
  • Advances in the Logistop Automation and Robotics Working Group.

Innovation has become a key differentiating element capable of giving a sustained competitive advantage to companies that incorporate it into their work processes and methodologies.

In this respect, Logistop has organised the Webinar “Automation and robotisation. Cutting-edge innovation to be a leader versus innovation not to disappear” in which we have counted with the participation of César Fernández-Pacheco, Leader of the Automation and Robotics Working Group of Logistop and Technical Director of Grupo Expertia, Iván Lloret, Commercial Director of Bama Sistemas, Steve Bullock, Head of Innovation at Actemium Spain, Javier Olmos, Leader of the Automation and Robotics Working Group at Logistop and Head of Strategy and Business Development at the Cartif Foundation, and the moderation of Tomás de la Vega, Managing Director of Logistop.

In his presentation, César Fernández-Pacheco, in addition to emphasising the importance of incorporating and maintaining an innovative dynamic to seek and obtain excellence, focused on the needs that innovations must meet to achieve survival, highlighting the key aspects of zero error, power, efficiency, scalability and flexibility, density, environmental improvement, lower emissions and energy savings, profitability and safety.

Meanwhile, Iván Lloret presented a series of success stories of continuous innovation implemented by Bama Sistemas, including the development of an automated warehouse, the automation of dispatch processes, quality and stock control using RFID, the development of an AGV vehicle using optical vision and a loading card, as well as an automated car park, among other projects. All of this has been achieved through the integration of innovation in its corporate culture.

In this same approach of exemplifying the incorporation of innovation in the projects that are being developed, Steve Bullock has made a tour of the main areas and activities in which Actemium is working, highlighting a project in the area of industry 4.0 based on key factors such as agility, reliability and technological progress, and another in the area of port logistics taking into account aspects such as agility, sustainability and technological advances.

Finally, Javier Olmos ended this interesting webinar by analysing the progress being made within the framework of Logistop’s “Automation and Robotics” Working Group, which is working on the identification of common problems and the search for new solutions based on innovation that are materialising in the creation of a preliminary project.