• The transversality of the logistics sector allows access to various calls for public funding.
  • Tax deductions should be considered as an existing funding opportunity.
  • When certifying a project, its novelty must be assessed according to the current state of the art.

In the Logistop Webinar “Tax incentives for R&D&I: alternatives to take advantage of them successfully”, we brought the attendees closer to the incentives within the framework of the current Recovery and Resilience Plan, the keys to obtain economic incentives for the development of R&D and innovation actions, as well as the most relevant aspects regarding the certification of R&D&I projects.

For this, we have counted with the participation of Julio Fernández-Clemente García-Gascó and Óscar García Fidalgo, General Director and Head of Market Development, respectively, in AROSA I&D, Ana Luque, Head of Business Development in Cámara Certifica, and with the presentation and moderation of Tomás de la Vega, Managing Director of Logistop.

Estrategias de circularidad a implementar en el ecosistema logístico-portuario

Incentives in the current framework

In his intervention, Julio Fernández-Clemente García-Gascó reflected on the current situation with respect to the existing public financing opportunities for logistics, which, as a transversal sector, can be addressed, as well as the calls for proposals that will be opened in the near future. All of this taking into account, as Julio points out, that each company must analyse and detect its niche of innovative and transformative opportunity in order to adapt to the funding opportunity that is most in line with its project. Anticipation is a key aspect in this whole process, as the more prepared the company is and the more it has identified its projects, the better it will be able to fit them into the different calls for proposals.

“The logistics sector must take advantage of its cross-cutting nature and adapt its value proposition to the different public funding opportunities that already exist (or are about to open) without waiting for a specific call for proposals”

Julio Fernández-Clemente García-Gascó, General Director, AROSA I&D

Tax deductions, a funding opportunity

For his part, Óscar García Fidalgo focused his speech on the financing opportunities presented by tax incentives for R&D&I activities, which are a fundamental part of the measures being developed to stimulate private innovation in companies. Among the different aspects of interest discussed by Oscar, he highlighted the importance of knowing the different types of aid, incentives or tax deductions to which we can apply if we have a project that provides an improvement in R+D+i. He also presented the opportunities offered by technological sponsorship as an alternative to tax deductions.

“Tax deductions are the best public aid that can exist at the moment as they are open to any company”

Óscar García Fidalgo, Head of Market Development, AROSA I+D

The importance of certification

Finally, Ana Luque analysed and explained the importance of certifying R&D&I projects and the whole process involved. Through this certification, one of the alternatives for accessing incentives that provides greater security and lower risk, it allows us, on the one hand, to evaluate whether the technology of the project is new, and whether it is new in R&D or technological innovation with respect to the state of the art at the time of the evaluation, so that every day counts to try to make the novelty of our project stand out; and, on the other hand, to evaluate whether the expenses have been correctly allocated. Ana also stressed that, if you wish to obtain an additional guarantee to this certification, you can request the Informe Motivado Vinculante (IMV), which is the maximum guarantee in terms of the application of tax deductions for R&D&I.

“When it comes to certifying a project, one of the main stumbling blocks we encounter is the lack of compliance with the formats required by the Ministry or the lack of coherence between the documents presented”

Ana Luque, Head of Business Development, Cámara Certifica

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