Logistop and the Spanish Shippers’ Association (ACE) sign a Collaboration Agreement that establishes joint plans to boost the generation of innovation projects and the dissemination of knowledge.

“Logistop’s aim with this agreement is twofold; on the one hand, to facilitate and promote access to ACE members for the development of innovation projects and, on the other hand, to open more options to the collaborative innovation already developed within Logistop and to start a path of institutional collaborations that will continue in the coming months”, says Pablo Gómez, president of Logistop.

Carlos Castán, president of ACE underlines that “with this collaboration we want to consolidate the commitment of the Shippers’ Association to innovation in freight transport, which we have started with projects in the field of digitalisation, together with other associations, and with studies on technological transformation in logistics-port activity, developed within the Ports Commission of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce”.

Logistop gathers companies, technology centres, universities and other research organisations and acts as an inter-sectorial and multidisciplinary work forum, which carries out and promotes activities to articulate innovation and to align R&D&I strategies, generate knowledge and put it to good use, in order to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of logistics and mobility in Spain.

ACE representa los intereses de las empresas cargadoras, e incorpora a fabricantes, distribuidores y operadores logísticos, que mueven elevados volúmenes de carga utilizando los distintos modos de transporte. La Asociación actúa como foro de formación y de intercambio de información entre los asociados y con otros agentes del sector, para lograr un transporte eficiente y sostenible.

One of the priority areas of work for the shippers represented in ACE is the improvement of the efficiency of the processes associated with the different modes of freight transport and, to this end, innovation plays an important role. For its part, Logistop is an association that aims to promote the development and implementation of R&D&I projects and works on the development of innovation projects in the field of logistics within the following thematic areas: decarbonisation, circular economy, urban logistics, digital transformation, port logistics, automation and robotics and public funding.  

Within the framework of the agreement signed, Logistop and ACE have agreed to hold two annual events, one of which will be aimed at disseminating knowledge about Logistop’s areas of work and transferring R+D+i results to ACE’s business environment, while the second event will be aimed at seeking lines of work that produce an improvement in different aspects of freight transport (environmental, social or economic).

It is also decided to promote the development and implementation of R+D+i projects between Logistop and ACE members, for which a work schedule will be drawn up on different topics.