Pick&Pack 2023 will hold its third edition in Madrid, consolidating its position as the national benchmark event in packaging and logistics.

Pick&Pack, the boutique innovation event that will bring together more than 6,000 professionals in search of solutions in logistics and packaging, returns to Madrid for its third edition, consolidating its position as one of the national benchmark events in the packaging, picking and distribution sector. From 25 to 27 April 2023, more than 250 exhibiting companies will present at IFEMA Madrid the latest solutions in logistics robotics, transport, traceability, supply chain, labelling and coding, packaging and materials for packaging, and smart packaging; as well as technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, IIoT or Data Analytics, among others.

The logistics sector is booming thanks to the expansion of e-commerce. According to data from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, the number of affiliated workers in the supply and transport field reached 997,262 last June, a record figure that places the industry as the fourth largest employer in Spain. For its part, the Spanish Logistics Sector Confidence Index 2022, prepared by the consultancy firm CBRE, indicates that 68% of national logistics and retail operators forecast an increase in turnover.

For these reasons and with the aim of creating a leading meeting place in the field of logistics and packaging, Pick&Pack returns, where more than 6,000 professionals from the food, beverage, retail, pharma, electronics, automotive, beauty and cosmetics industries, among others, will come in search of the latest innovations in the planning, execution and control of products, as well as the packaging industry.

“The growth that logistics is experiencing worldwide, with the consequent change of model towards the digital environment and the emergence of new professional profiles, means that companies in all sectors have to adapt to this new reality. In the same way, the direct relationship between logistics and packaging means that packaging also has to adjust to the current situation and demand” says Marina Uceda, director of Pick&Pack 2023. Uceda adds “Pick&Pack 2023 is the only event that unites logistics and packaging in the same space with the aim of showing the latest generation of solutions for both industries”.

Four congresses to get to know the most innovative current trends

To discuss new trends and delve into the latest technologies, solutions and services in the field of logistics and packaging, Pick&Pack 2023 will feature four conferences. On the one hand, the event will host the X Edition of the Alimarket FMCG Logistics Meeting, a forum where the current situation and the future of the Supply Chain in the FMCG sector will be shared; and the VII Alimarket FMCG Packaging Solutions Meeting, a scenario where the role of packaging in sustainability and environmental impact will be the main areas of reflection.

There will also be a new edition of the European Logistics Summit 2023 and the National Packaging 4.0 Congress, two spaces that will respond to the new needs of the industry, with a specific agenda for each professional profile through ten vertical forums. In total, more than 60 hours of inspiration and more than 180 international experts will shed light on the new trends and solutions that will allow professionals to adapt to the moment of change we are living and face the new generation of logistics and packaging.

In parallel, the event will offer industry professionals networking activities in which to find partners or establish alliances, such as the Leadership Summit, a lunch with leaders and entrepreneurs in distribution and packaging; the Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards 2023, awards that recognise logistics or packaging companies that are successful examples of innovation; the Pick&Pack Start-up Forum, a competition that brings together start-ups with the most disruptive solutions in both industries; and technology tours, among others.

About Logistop

Logistop is an association whose mission is to impact the Spanish supply chain by transforming it through innovation into a more sustainable and efficient one. It is a multidisciplinary and inter-territorial working space in the field of logistics innovation, comprising all the actors involved in the supply chain, as well as universities, technology centres, associations and specialised consultancies, making up the perfect ingredients of possible project promoters.

Through Logistop, research, development and innovation priorities are effectively defined, as well as articulating and carrying out innovation projects among the partners, without excluding the possibility of collaborating with or receiving support from certain organisations external to Logistop.

To this end, a series of events are promoted (webinars, focus sessions, project sessions, etc.) which, in addition to dynamising and aligning priorities and needs, generate knowledge and add value to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the logistics and mobility chain in Spain.

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