Prodevelop joins Logistop as a new member with the aim of continuing to add value in the field of innovation and to contribute to the development and execution of projects, as well as to achieve a more efficient, digital and sustainable logistics chain, mainly in the area of port logistics.

About Prodevelop

Prodevelop was founded in 1993 to help the port sector by providing services and solutions in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. Since then they have been growing and now have three offices, in Valencia, Algeciras and Lima (Peru). As well as an extensive network of clients in Europe, Africa and America.

Prodeveop works in the digitalisation of the management and operations of ports and terminals, and is one of the main providers of technological solutions for Spanish ports. Currently, they are present in 27 of the 28 Spanish Port Authorities, four regional ports, two National Port Agencies and in more than 200 digitised ports and terminals around the world.

Its work philosophy is based on establishing lasting and close relationships with its clients by becoming strategic partners; promoting the talent and qualifications of the professionals in its work team; and committing to innovation through research and development projects.

About Logistop

At Logistop, a leader in logistics innovation in Spain, we turn our ideas into value and transform the supply chain through innovation, helping industry, companies and society in general to be more efficient and sustainable. Our mission is to transform the supply chain through innovation, helping industry and companies to become more efficient and sustainable. One of Logistop’s main objectives is to promote the need for innovation among companies involved in the logistics sector; to promote innovation projects; and to communicate the real needs of the sector at an institutional level.

Through Logistop, research, development and innovation priorities are effectively defined. To this end, a series of events (Observatory Logistic, LogisTalks, Innovation Lab, focus sessions, Innovation Day, value-adding workshops, etc.) are promoted to dynamise, align priorities and needs, as well as to generate knowledge and put it to good use to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the logistics and mobility chain in Spain.

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