After a few months of preferential access for Logistop members, we are pleased to inform you that the document Rumbo 2023 is now available for your consultation. As you know, Rumbo is our roadmap that has been carefully developed by our experts to drive collective innovation in the logistics sector.

Rumbo 2023

In Rumbo 2023 we present our vision for innovation now and in the future and outline the different strategic lines of Logistop, both public and private, that we believe need to be addressed. This document, which is updated every two years, is an invaluable tool that will guide our actions and strategic decisions in the coming years.

Our experts have analysed emerging trends, technological advances and market demands to identify the critical opportunities and challenges we must address. Rumbo 2023 will enable us to navigate towards excellence, anticipating change and seizing opportunities to stay at the forefront of logistics innovation.

We invite you to consult the document Rumbo 2023 which is available at this link. The access password is Logistop2023.

This resource will give you a comprehensive overview of our strategies and priorities, and help you understand how you can participate in and contribute to collective innovation in the logistics sector.

If you have any questions or problems accessing it, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We hope you enjoy the reading!