TEVVA joins Logistop with the aim of continuing to add value in the field of innovation and to contribute and participate in the development and execution of innovation projects, mainly related to the availability of new vehicles and business models of low emission vehicles, being part of the disruptive innovation in this field.


TEVVA, founded in 2013 and starting series production in August 2022, is pioneering zero-emission transport with revolutionary range-extending technology using electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. TEVVA trucks optimise range, driver experience and total cost of ownership, while significantly reducing the environmental impact of the urban transport and logistics sectors. Services include fleet assessment using existing vehicle utilisation data to understand duty cycles and shape the suitability and optimal timing for transitioning to TEVVA electric trucks, as well as a detailed review of charging, refuelling, existing infrastructure and grid connection requirements to determine optimal and scalable solutions, among others.

In terms of the technology employed, they have battery or range extender (REX) variants with hydrogen cells, highlighting the innovative concept of dual energy, which is a differentiating advantage and underpinned by technology specifically designed to improve the performance of a fleet of electric trucks, all taking into account that hydrogen electric trucks carry heavier loads over longer distances, optimising the total cost of ownership, as well as the environmental impact.

About Logistop

Logistop is an association whose mission is to impact the Spanish supply chain by transforming it through innovation into a more sustainable and efficient one. It is a multidisciplinary and inter-territorial working space in the field of logistics innovation, comprising all the actors involved in the supply chain, as well as universities, technology centres, associations and specialised consultancies, making up the perfect ingredients of possible project promoters.

Through Logistop, research, development and innovation priorities are effectively defined, as well as articulating and carrying out innovation projects among the partners, without excluding the possibility of collaborating with or receiving support from certain organisations external to Logistop.

To this end, a series of events are promoted (webinars, focus sessions, project sessions, etc.) which, in addition to dynamising and aligning priorities and needs, generate knowledge and add value to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the logistics and mobility chain in Spain.

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