On 26 October, more than 60 Logistop partner companies will meet in Madrid for the Logistop & Partners – Innovation Day event “Building the logistics innovation of the future”.

Logistop, a leading association in collaborative logistics innovation, brings together all the actors in the logistics chain, as well as port authorities, universities, technology centres and consulting firms specialising in our areas of work to analyse and discuss the present and future of collaborative logistics innovation and Logistop’s role in promoting, channelling and improving this innovation.

Currently, according to data from the European Union Innovation Indicators 2021 panel, Spain is below the European average, occupying 16th place out of 27, far behind countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, France and Germany. However, according to data published by the consultancy Wood Mackenzie, we are also facing an important opportunity: Spain accounted for 20% of the world’s green hydrogen projects in the first quarter of 2022.

In the short term, the sector will undergo a series of mandatory changes, as well as recommendations, which will modernise both business models and organisations. Therefore, Logistop will analyse how and in what way these changes should be faced in the short and medium term in order to be able to tackle the challenges that arise.

With this conference, Logistop continues in its line of defining research, development and innovation priorities through events and other activities to dynamise, align needs, as well as to generate knowledge and put it in value to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the logistics and mobility chain in Spain. All of this, generating value for society, industry and Logistop’s partners.


About Logistop

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